Here’s some of my intersections:

Quetzala (kehx-ah-lah) - Nahuatl for precious

Cuiranderx - Curanderismo specializing in supporting Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour who have sacred and traditional genders, are Two Spirit, trans, and/or queer

Parterx del Alma - Re-birth and transformation centered parteria (birth work)

S A N A S A N A - Current music project

Safe Stage - Music label supporting the safe production, performance, and promotion of expression by Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour

Quid Pro POC - Most of the things I do are available to 2SQTIBPOC for trade or sliding scale

2S if life

Some things I’ve done

Here’s a super-rushed TEDx I did about how teaching the decolonization class at Oceti Sakowin, the biggest camp at Standing Rock, changed my pedagogy.